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Home schooling is an educational option in Oregon. Families who choose to home school children must take the following steps, pursuant to Oregon Administrative Rule 581-021-0026:

Intent to Homeschool Online Notification Form

Notify the local Education Service District (ESD) of intent to home school within 10 days of withdrawing from public or private school (see notification links below).

Coordinate with Home School Tester(s) to assess student growth at the end of grade levels 3, 5, 8, and 10 (testing begins 18 months after notification).

Submit test results to local ESD when requested.

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Douglas County Home School Notification  

Parents or legal guardians are required to notify the Douglas ESD for each child that will be homeschooled. Notification is required when the student begins/transitions to home schooling or returns to public school. It is also required to update an address as needed. Only non-identifying information per FERPA mandates may be released to the state. An acknowledgement letter will be sent within 90 days after the Douglas ESD receives the form(s).

ONLINE NOTIFICATION FORMThe online notification provides immediate confirmation to parents and school districts and access to a portal for parents/guardians to upload test scores, change of address and more. The online notification system does not ask information that is not required by law. Watch this video for help filling out the online form: Instruction video

Alternative notification options include completing a form or mailing a written letter to 1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd., Suite 110, Roseburg, OR 97470 or faxing the notification to 541-440-4771. These option do not provide a link to the parent portal to upload test scores or change address, etc.

FORMULARIO DE NOTIFICACIÓN EN LÍNEA – La notificación de educación en el hogar para el condado de Douglas llegará pronto, mientras tanto, correo electrónico: kim.rencher@douglasesd.k12.or.us. La notificación en línea proporciona confirmación inmediata y acceso a un portal para que los padres / tutores carguen las calificaciones de los exámenes, cambien de dirección y más. El sistema de notificación en línea no incluye información que no sea requerida por ley. 

Las opciones de notificación alternativas incluyen completar un formulario (versión en español próximamente) para completar o enviar una carta a 1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd., Suite 110, Roseburg, OR 97470 o enviar la notificación por fax al 541-440-4771. Estas opciones no proporcionan un enlace al portal para padres para cargar los puntajes de las pruebas o cambiar la dirección, etc.

The information available on this site is based on Oregon Revised Statute 339.035 and Oregon Administrative Rule 581-021-0026 through 581-021-0035, which are Oregon laws on homeschooling.

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