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Roseburg, OR 97470


Fax: 440-4771

1871 NE Stephens St.
Roseburg, OR 97470




Douglas County school directory cover

Douglas County School Directory 2020-2021

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Due to a remodeling project at Douglas Education Service District’s 1871 NE Stephens Street location, the following departments have temporarily relocated to 2459 NW Stewart Parkway:

Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education, Southern Oregon Education Service District, South-Central Early Learning Hub, Take Root, Kindergarten Readiness Partnership & Innovation and the nursing staff have moved to 2459 Stewart Parkway. At this temporary location, continued care will be provided for families and children.  

At this time, the Douglas ESD Print Shop will continue operating at the location on Stephens Street 


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Michael Lasher

Superintendent | 541-440-4751

Analicia Nicholson

Deputy Superintendent | 541-957-4815

Bryan Hinson

Assistant Superintendent | 541-440-4763

Veronica Van Drimmelen

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Project Manager | 541-440-4753

Human Resources

Holly Hill

Director of Human Resources | 541-957-4837

Tracy Ollivant

Assistant Human Resources Manager  | 541-440-4769

Ronnie campos

Human Resource Analyst | 541-957-4842


RaeAnn malone

Marketing & Communications Analyst | 541-957-4812

Heather Villa

Communications Specialist | 541-530-3880

Business Services

Rachel Amos

Chief Financial Officer | 541-440-4761

Racheal Aiken

District Business Manager | 541-440-4791


Art Viramontes

Head Custodian/Maintenance | 541-440-4781

Paul Conway

Courier | 541-440-4777

Print Services

Cory Nichols

Print Service Specialist Ι 541-440-4772

Eric Andrews

Print Service Specialist Ι 541-440-4772

Education Services

Julie Hurley

Program Coordinator and Account Executive | 541-957-4819

Cindy Doyle

Event Planner | 541-957-4817

Reina Pike

Education Services Coordinator | 541-957-4838

Jeneen Hartley

Education Services Coordinator | 541-957-4813

Special Education

Bryan Hinson

Assistant Superintendent of Special Education | 541-440-4763

Kristin Swanson

Administrative Assistant | 541-440-4764

Behavior Support

Alison Hinson

Director of Behavioral Health Services | 541-440-4762

Robin Tripp

Administrative Assistant | 541-492-6601

Network Services

Asthika Welikala

Chief Information Officer Ι 541-957-4825

Tech support

Electronic Information & Design

Alysha Barraza

Electronic Information & Design Manager | 541-957-4811

Speech Services

Allison Bochart

Speech and Language Pathologist | 541-440-4773

Melissa Taylor-Bowen

K12 Speech Program Coordinator | K12 Speech Program Coordinator

Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education

Sondra Williams

Director Regional EI/ECSE Services Ι 541-957-4818

Douglas County EI/ECSE Program  541-440-4794

Jackson County EI/ECSE Program 541- 494-7800


Debra Fitzgibbons

OTAP/RSOI Coordinator | 541-957-4834

Brittany Rynearson

Accessible Technology and Learning Specialist | 541-440-4791

South-Central Early Learning Hub

Gillian Wesenberg

Director | 541-440-4774

Jackson County Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education

Pat O’Neal

Office Manager | 541-494-7806

Stacy Inman

Coordinator | 541-494-7859