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Links to services and programs for PARENTS can be found on this page.

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Request for student interdistrict transfer (Not a registration form. Only used for transferring from the local district to a different district)

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Links to services and programs for EDUCATORS can be found on this page. 

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2020 Virtual Feeding Seminar (Nov. 4-6) - This Seminar is designed to support education-based feeding teams. It will address questions of safe feeding and provide feeding supports in educational settings. New teams, new team members and program administrators are welcome to attend. It's also open to parents, students, speech-language pathologists and assistants, occupational therapists and asssistants, educators and assistants, pediatricians and assistants, nurses, dietitians, and appropriate others.

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Find a comprehensive list of our SERVICES and PROGRAMS on this page.

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Learning Pathways (infograph - traditional/charter, comprehensive distance learning, online and homeschooling)

Welcome to Douglas ESD

The role of the Douglas Education Service District is to provide services to administrators, teachers, staff and students in our 13 local component school districts.​ The Douglas ESD plays many roles in serving children. These include speech and language services, IT and network support, print services, attendance support, secondary transitions, a complex needs classroom, consulting teachers, media, staff development, data retrieval, programs for hearing and visually impaired students, substitute placement, mental health therapy, leadership training and many more. ​Take a look around our website and learn more about what we do.