Regional Educator Network (REN)

The goal of Douglas REN is to advance the profession of teaching in Douglas County through authentic communication and systemic change. Our aim is to ensure that professional learning opportunities match the needs and innovate the instructional practice of local educators. We are also focused on building an inclusive community and creating more equitable practices that result in an increased sense of belonging for all.

In 2017, Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 182 which created the Educator Advancement Council (EAC), an innovative public/nonprofit partnership designed to support public educators. Through this bill, the EAC was charged with the task of creating local educator networks. 


The Plan 

1. Improve Communication

2. Support Teacher Learning that fits Teachers’ Needs

3. Build Equity Understanding in our Region

4. Increase Opportunities for Teachers to Collaborate Across the County.

Douglas REN Network Team

Reina Pike, Douglas REN Coordinator

Coordinating Body (link coming soon)

Click on the image below read the document.

Click on the image below read the document.


REN Resources and Information

Events Calendar

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