Data Collection Support

Douglas Education Service district is available to provide both Data Collection Support Services and District Test Coordinator Coordination Services to our school districts.

Data Collection Support Services

Douglas ESD staff works with school districts and Oregon Department of Education staff to ensure that data collections from each school district are clear, accurate and meet state submission deadlines. We are available to work with student information system vendors and district contacts to meet the needs of Oregon State Reporting. As your district data submitter, we can also assist in researching data sources and data elements for your internal and external reports and data requests. Go online to view a list of Oregon data collections for which we can be responsible.

We are also able to assist with numerous additional data collections listed in ODE’s Schedule of Due Dates. School districts also turn to us for help with district-level data validations within ODE’s Achievement Data Insight. Go online for a list of known secure and public data sources that we can access to assist your district in data mining.

Types of Data Collection Support Services – Consultation vs Full Support

A consultation contract provides your district with access to DESD staff who have several years of experience with numerous state reporting collections. Staff members are available to answer questions on data, ODE processes and deadlines. Where necessary, staff can review data prior to district submission, and/or submit the data on behalf of the district.

A full support contract provides your district with an additional staff member responsible for the extraction, cleanup and submission of data on specified state collections. This type of contract makes staff available to consult on those collections for which the individual is not directly responsible. Staff can also respond and assist with requests for internal and external data.

District Test Coordinator Coordination and Support

Douglas ESD is able to take on the full responsibilities of the District Test Coordinator role as described by ODE. This includes providing district oversight and coordination for all state assessment administration (Smarter Balanced assessments, OAKS Science and Social Science assessments, Kindergarten Assessment, ELPA21, Extended Assessments and NAEP). Other services are: helping educators understanding the nuances of the Oregon K-12 assessment and accountability policies at both state and local level; Essential Skills and Graduation requirements; local performance assessment; data management; impropriety investigation and reporting; facilitation of the adoption of local district policies; district and school test window coordination; community/parent communication and outreach. Go online to learn more about District Test Coordinator Coordination support responsibilities.

How What We Do Benefits Your District

By contracting with the Douglas ESD for Data Collection Support (consultation or full service) and/or District Test Coordinator Coordination Support Services, school districts are able to:

  • Lessen the load on your district staff who are currently responsible for state reporting and or state assessment management
  • Rely on a staff member to attend the Oregon Data Collection Committee meetings and other assessment-related meetings. This representative will ensure up-to-date information on changing rules and regulations and will bring that information back to the district
  • Call on Douglas ESD staff members experienced with the Oregon’s state and federal reporting processes, as well as with the Oregon State Assessment and Accessibility Support policies and procedures
  • Have direct access to DESD staff with a proven background in 1×1, small- and large-group training experience
  • Turn to an additional staff member for data research projects as needed by the district

Who We Are

Data Collection Support and District Test Coordinator Coordination and Support Services are under the leadership of Analicia Nicholson and the Education Services Department at Douglas ESD. Kristine Keizer, our Data Support and District Test Coordinator specialist, has numerous years of experience working with the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon’s education data submission requirements and protocols. Kristine is familiar with the Synergy, Alma, and Schoolmaster student information systems. Kristine also has over a decade of experience working within the Oregon Assessment System. She is the previous Regional Assessment Support Partner for Southern and South Central Oregon, and is the District Test Coordinator of record for Douglas ESD.

For More Information

If you are interested in exploring and learning more about Data Collection Support Services and/or the District Test Coordinator Coordination support services, please contact Analicia Nicholson, director of Education Services, by phone at 541-957-4815 or by email at