Education Services

Education Services dives into the nuance of classroom practices and pedagogy. We provide districts and teachers with research, professional development, and assessment and help them implement best practices in their classrooms for today’s students.

Our overall services include: Instructional services coordination, instructional technology support, secondary and youth transition support programs, data collection support, and attendance. We are also the registrant agency for any families who decide to homeschool their children.

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Acronyms (External Link)


Analicia Nicholson
Director of Education Services
541-957-4815  or  541-440-4771

Kim Rencher
Administrative Assistant &
Home School Registration

Ryan Zeedyk
Instructional Technology Specialist

Marty Gary
Instructional Coach

Julie Hurley
Account Executive,
Parent Engagement & Education Program

Administrative Assistant
Parent Engagement & Education Program


Kristine Keizer
Student Data Support / District Test Coordinator

Heidi Weimar
Secondary Transition Specialist
Roseburg HS, Yoncalla HS,
Sutherlin HS and North Douglas HS 

Cindy Doyle
Event Planner 

Cynthia Hurkes
Early Learning Facilitator

Instructional Improvement Services

Provides leadership, direction, support and coordination of delivery of services within School Improvement to assist districts with compliance issues relative to NCLB, Division 22 standards, Continuous Improvement Planning, and other local, state and federal mandates. Technical assistance to districts prior to state monitoring visits (Title programs) and/or submission of desk audit materials. Link with State Oregon Department of Education, Education Enterprise Steering Committee, US Department of Education or other agencies. Participate in monthly meetings with superintendents, special education, curriculum/school improvement. Disseminate and gather information using email and print. Grant research and writing is pro-vided upon approval of Educational Services Advisory Committee (ESAC.)

Professional Development Coordination

Coordinate resources and delivery of professional development opportunities and content, specifically supporting educators in effective strategies and practice in curriculum, instruction and assessment which lead to improvement in school buildings and districts. Provide school specific on-site professional development for teachers, administrators, and classified staff. Provide professional development for administrators, teachers, new teachers, classified staff, and substitutes in workshops and seminars. Summer professional development programs for administrators and teachers serve educators on a local and statewide level.

Secondary Transitions Support (all students)

Support to schools and/or districts in successful transitions of students from high school to their next steps (work, career planning, further education, financial aid, college test preparation, military, scholarships, etc.). Staff provides technical assistance to all high school students and their families as needed and assigned/needed by school.  Also assists school administration and staff with development and presentation of career associated projects/activities.  Staff duties are in alignment with integration of the Personalized Learning Requirements and Career Related Learning Standards to meet Oregon Department of Education’s graduation requirements that are mandatory for all schools in the state.  Also, Personalized Learning and CRLS grad requirements are part of the Division 22 report.  Staff member additionally coordinates with districts that have received Gear-Up funding.

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