Interested in becoming a Partner at Partner Sports Camp? 

A Partner Sports Camp (PSC) “Partner” is a child or young adult, between the ages of 12-21 who is generally able bodied and neurotypical.

  • PSC Partners must be willing and able to help someone with special needs to participate in games and sports to their full extent and to have fun participating in a childhood activity that they might not otherwise be able to experience. Partners and Campers are grouped based on needs and abilities and are closely supervised by staff at all times, so willingness to try hard is the only prerequisite.
  • Partners at PSC have a leadership/ role model position and responsibilities. They are asked to be mature, caring, and to think of the Campers a lot. It can be a challenging job, but it is also very rewarding for both the Partner and their Camper.
  • Partners are also eligible for additional benefits such as public service hours towards graduation, job references, college references, extra thank you gift(s), and other things that our staff is working on for next year.
  • Partner training day takes place on the Thursday before PSC starts and training is provided about a variety of disabilities and scenarios, lunch is provided (catered via a food truck), we team up to set up the big tents, and some additional fun might be in the works for next year’s Partners too.

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