Child Care Tax and Business Resources

The business of family child care has unique considerations.




Here are some links to child care business resources:

Tom Copeland’s “Taking Care of Business” Blog

Apply for an EIN number. Parents are able to write off child care expenses on their tax return and will need a receipt from the child care provider that includes their Tax ID number in order to do so. Providers can use their Social Security Number, however, they may opt to get an EIN number instead so they aren’t sharing their personal SSN information.  You can get this number for free.

Business Liability Insurance Learn how to protect yourself in case of an accident. Many home insurance policies due not cover child care business liability.  

Marketing Your Business Care Connections & Education can enter your information into a statewide database to refer your information to parents looking for child care through 211 info.  Call us to get enrolled over the phone.

Registering your Business Name In most cases, you need to register your business name if it does not include your legal name. Learn more through the Oregon Secretary of State Website.

A Business License may be required if you live within city limits.  You should call the city for details as rules vary by municipality.

Find sample contracts, enrollment forms and more: Sample Forms

Immunization Records

The Oregon Health Authority requires child care providers to keep immunization records on file for each child in their care. Certified family child care providers and centers may be eligible to enroll in the ALERT IIS system which will allow them to download immunization records directly from the state system in place of the paper form. Registered providers can use the form below.
Required Immunizations by Age
Immunization Record Form
Enroll in Alert IIS System

USDA Food Program

Many child care providers qualify to participate in the USDA CACFP Food Program to be reimbursed for the meals they serve. Learn more about this program and if you qualify by contacting your local sponsor. Current Reimbursement Rates
Douglas County 518-921-8090
Klamath & Lake Counties  541-770-5893

Early Child Care Enrichment Resources

The National Association for the Education of Young Children is a comprehensive resource focused on child development and ways to support early learning.  


Klamath & Lake Counties  541-770-5893