Business Services

Business Services staff provides payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and school budget services for Douglas ESD Business, as well as for districts through an intergovernmental agreement process.


Barb Taylor, Douglas ESD Chief Financial OfficerImage: Barb Taylor
Business Manager to Douglas ESD



Claire Cotton, Director of Business ServicesImage: Claire Cotton
Business Manager to Myrtle Point and Glendale



Angie Brownson, Assistant Business Manager Image: Angie Brownson
Business Manager to Yoncalla  / Payroll for Douglas ESD



Racheal Aiken, Assistant Business Manager Image: Racheal Aiken
Business Manager for Days Creek and Butte Falls / Payroll for Butte Falls and Yoncalla


Rachel Amos, Assistant Business ManagerImage: Rachel Amos
Business Manager for Camas Valley and Riddle/ Payroll for Camas Valley and Myrtle Point


Corrie Peachey-Briggs, Assistant Support SpecialistImage: Corrie Peachey-Briggs
Substitute Payroll / Print Shop Invoicing / Accounts Payable for Camas Valley, Riddle and Yoncalla


Danielle Littlefield, Assistant Support Specialist Image: Danielle Littlefield
Accounts Payable for Douglas ESD, Glendale, Butte Falls / Payroll for Riddle