Glide Elementary School has integrated Sources of Strength curriculum, which is a strengths-based and evidence-informed suicide prevention and mental health program.

Glide Elementary receives Sources Showcase Award

May 29, 2024 – Glide Elementary School has received a 2024 Sources Showcase Award from Matchsticks Consulting. The school is recognized for integrating Sources of Strength curriculum at the elementary level and will receive a certificate honoring their school, a $500 check and will be honored at the Sources Showcase celebration.

The Sources of Strength Elementary model is a strengths-based and evidence-informed suicide prevention and mental health program. Each module in the curriculum is universal classroom-based lessons designed to give students and adults opportunities and tools to develop strengths and healthy coping strategies leading to resilience in the face of life’s challenges. The program promotes well-being, help-seeking, resiliency, healthy coping and belonging among students.

The award celebrates the dedication and innovative spirit of the school’s staff. Principal Tammy Beard, Child Development Specialist Erin Weber, and Third Grade Teacher Shelby Morin worked to embed the transformative program into the school’s culture. Their innovative approach included having administrators teach the curriculum in classrooms to help lessen the burden of the initial program launch for elementary classroom teachers. Educators within their district were invited to observe and participate as they felt comfortable. Through district-wide professional development sessions, educators were provided resources for program implementation.

“We recognized the importance of ensuring the mental well-being of our students. The Sources of Strength elementary curriculum has been a significant step in providing them with the necessary tools and support,” Weber said.

As a part of their School Safety and Prevention efforts, Douglas ESD has been supporting districts interested in implementing Sources of Strength for the past couple of years. Due to those efforts, Glide was the first school district to implement the program in Douglas County and was nominated for the Matchsticks award. “We wanted to nominate Glide Elementary School for their outstanding work, especially thanks to the efforts of coaches Tammy Beard and Erin Weber,” said Douglas ESD School Safety and Prevention Specialist, LeAne Bustamante “Their dedication to creating a nurturing environment for both students and staff has been truly remarkable.”

Douglas ESD’s School-Based Mental Health Grant Manager Cati Adkins, said, “I had the privilege of observing several lessons facilitated by Erin Weber, and it was heartwarming to witness this vision come to life. Even a single lesson brought a palpable sense of hope and enthusiasm.”

Glide Elementary School’s commitment to Sources of Strength has not only fostered a supportive environment for students but has also empowered teachers to become champions of the program. The school, in partnership with Douglas ESD, is now exploring opportunities to expand training and implementation efforts within the district and throughout the county. For information on attending a Sources of Strength training to bring back to your school in Douglas County, please email LeAne Bustamante at

Matchsticks Consulting has been supporting the rollout of Sources of Strength in Oregon by providing training and technical assistance for districts with little to no financial cost to schools as a part of the Oregon Health Authority’s investment in upstream suicide prevention programming. Implementing schools can receive at low to no cost: K-6 grade curriculum for every classroom in their school, registration at 2-day virtual or in-person Coaches Training, and technical assistance to support implementation. For more information about Matchsticks Consulting, visit

Sources of Strength Elementary launched in 2020 and utilizes a universal classroom curriculum approach to bring the Sources of Strength protective factor framework to elementary schools. The elementary curriculum is available for kindergarten through sixth grades, and there is a secondary peer leader model available for grades 7-12.  For more information about Sources of Strength, visit