Info for Substitute Teaching

2018-19 Returning Substitutes

You must complete the Annual Required Paperwork in order to remain active in the Absence Management system (formerly Aesop).

The SafeSchools website will be active for the upcoming school year beginning August 16, 2018.

You can log into the website:  

Use your firstname.lastname as your login. (example: john.smith)

Annual Substitute Activation Fee

There is a required $20 Annual Substitute Activation fee, which also covers your ID badge and lanyard cost. The fee is reduced to $10 for Douglas County Retired Teachers, coming onto the sub list and returning subs. This amount is deducted from your paycheck. When you complete SafeSchools, you complete the process for this fee.

Interested in becoming a substitute?

We are currently accepting applications for some of our Douglas County school districts in various locations. For additional information, please contact Connie Rosas in Substitute Services at:

The Douglas ESD provides substitute teaching services for all of our component school districts. Those districts include: Yoncalla, North Douglas, Elkton, Oakland, Sutherlin, Roseburg, Glide, Winston/Dillard, Camas, South Umpqua, Riddle, Days Creek and Glendale.

All licensed substitutes working in Douglas County schools will be hired, scheduled, and paid through Douglas ESD. All licensed substitutes will become employees of Douglas ESD. Douglas ESD will pay substitutes based on the approved daily rate as defined in Oregon Revised Statute 342.610. For licensed substitutes that are Oregon PERS eligible, Douglas ESD will deduct the 6% pickup from each employee check. There will be one paycheck for all substitute work done in any Douglas County school. Payday will be the 15th of each month for all work done the previous month. There will be no time cards to fill out as the online Absensce management system (formerly AESOP) will be used to record all hours worked, and all pay information will be uploaded from the Absence Management system (formerly AESOP).

  • If you intend to work as a substitute teacher, you must have your current, valid Oregon teaching license IN HAND before applying.
  • If you do not have a current, valid Oregon teaching license you need to contact Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission at: for more information.

All substitutes are required to attend an orientation before they can be employed by the ESD. This orientation could be completed via an online format. All licensed substitutes will also have to complete annual paperwork for their file in order to remain on the following year's substitute list.

Daily Rate for 2018-19 School Year:

  • $180.09 for districts with a class schedule based on a 5-day a week (Long Term Daily Rate: $220.35)
  • $202.60 for districts with a class schedule based on a 4-day a week (Long Term Daily Rate: $247.89)


Connie Rosas
Substitute Services
(541) 957-4823