The Douglas Education Service District employs 177 people between its Roseburg and Medford sites. Our main clients reside in the 13 local districts that form the core of our organization. Regional and state contracts for programs like Early Intervention/ Early Childhood Special Education and Oregon Technology Access Program spread our presence across Oregon. The myriad of services our staff provide educators and families fall under one mission: Teaching children.

Below are links to various online portals and documents we believe most important for our ESD staff to have, no matter where they are connecting from. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact our Human Resources staff.


Information and Resources for Current Staff

ESD Staff External Login Portals


Frontline Applications
Absence Management (AESOP)
Veritime (Time & Attendance)

Office 365
for ESD Staff

Electronic Forms (NEC & CPAN)
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Sharepoint Portal
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Final 20-21 CPANs
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Information for ESD Staff

2020-23 DESDA/OSEA Contract (CBA)


SafeSchools (External Link) 20-21 Agency Calendar


Staff forms and employee training portals are found on the Information and Resources for Current Staff page. If you need assistance getting access to forms you used to find here, please contact Human Resources or Business departments.

  • Bryan Hinson, Committee Chair, representing all sites
  • Kristine Keizer, Committee Secretary, representing all sites
  • Jack Musser, representing all Jackson Count sites
  • Patty Croucher, representing all Jackson County sites
  • Ark Babayana – representing Douglas at the Stephens Site
  • Mike Floyd – representing Jackson County sites
  • Angela Keeran – representing Douglas at the Stephens site
  • Darcy Larson – representing Jackson County sites
  • Dana Leatherwood – representing all sites
  • Jon Sowers – SAIF representative
  • Art Viramontes – representing all Douglas County sites
  • Craig Zolezzi – Insurance Representative
  • Cindy Doyle – representing Douglas at the Library site


The Douglas ESD Safety Committee meets on the third Wednesday of every month (except July and August) at 3 p.m. at the central office, 1871 NE Stephens St, Roseburg.

A safety suggestion box is located in the Douglas ESD central office (Roseburg) on the board across from the board room and in the main ESD office in Jackson County, on Stewart Ave, Medford.