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RSOI provides workshops, seminars and statewide conferences on current issues in the education of children with orthopedic impairments. Workshops are available upon request and topics are tailored to fit the need. Choose from the following topics or request a topic of your choice.To request a training, contact the RSOI coordinator.

TIES Conference 2013

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MONDAY, April 15, 2013

Session ONE | 8:30 - 9:45

Found in Translation: Interprofessional and International Collaboration
Nancy Cicirello, PT, MPH, EdD professor School of Physical Therapy, College of Health Professions, Christine Macfarlane, PhD Director of Special Education, College of Education, and Sandra Rogers, OTR, PhD School of Occupational Therapy, College of Health Professions, Pacific University

TIES Conference 2014

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Session ONE | 8:30 - 9:45

The ABCs of Letting Go Laughing: Sense of Humor as a Therapeutic Tools
Leigh Anne Jasheway, MPH

  • No handouts this session.

Session TWO | 10:00 - 12:00

2a- Is it Sensory or Behavior? Practical Strategies for Improving the Academic and Behavioral Success of Your Students with Senosry Processing Dysfunction
Amy Okeze, M.ED., OTR, Behavior Specialisty, Puyallup SD, WA

TIES 2017

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THURSDAY, April 20, 2017 | 8:30 - 4:00

Keynote Presentation | Where Does the Time Go? Transitions across the Lifespan for Students with Disabilities | Toni Doty, PT, PhD, PCS and Amy Brooks MEd, CRC

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