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Transition Webinar Series


IDEA ensures that all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education that emphasizes special education and related services, designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for further education, employment and independent living. Further, IDEA requires that we consider and plan for the transition needs of our students. In this three part webinar series, we will examine the many considerations of transition planning for students who use assistive technology. We will focus on the areas of AT and transition to post-secondary education and independent employment. This webinar series will assist you in preparing students for successful use of their assistive technology in their lives after high school.

Part One: Overview of Assistive Technology and Post–Secondary Transitions (Recorded 2/16/17) 

In part one of the Secondary Transition series, we will begin with a brief overview of Secondary Transition in Oregon. The emphasis of this session will be an overview of Post-Secondary transition for students using assistive technology. We will discuss transition planning in relation to assistive technology and the associated skills students need to develop, including self-determination and AT independence skills, to prepare them for facing the challenges that arise after transition to adult living. This session will cover aspects of post-secondary transition and AT that are pertinent to the many paths students can follow upon exiting their K-12 education program.

The remaining sessions will address specific areas of AT transitions: AT in Post—secondary Education and Independent Employment with AT.

Part Two: QIAT-PS Student self-evaluation matrix (Recorded 3/16/17)

Part two of our AT and Transition series will focus on AT transition to colleges and universities and the implications for school practitioners. We will look at factors students must consider when attending college, including knowledge of available AT services and supports. Strategies for preparing the student for this transition will be presented, as well as for developing the course of study and IEP goals as part of the student’s K-12 transition plan.

Part Three: Independent Employment and Assistive Technology (Recorded 4/13/17)

The independent worker who uses assistive technology will face employment challenges, such as decisions about disclosure of disability and ways that talk about AT needed on the job. We will discuss ways to prepare students for independent employment and offer resources to assist the student to ensure continuity of AT use after leaving school. We will identify concepts to help teams develop the course of study and to write IEP goals as part of the student’s transition plan.

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