Coalition for Assistive Technology (CATO)

Grants of assistive technology are awarded to children with disabilities in Oregon ages two to twenty. Equipment is loaned on a long-term basis to families (i.e., until outgrown or no longer needed). Requested equipment must be needed at home but may also be used at school. The Board of Directors of the Coalition for Assistive Technology (CATO) meets in October, January and April to review applications and make equipment awards.

Click on PDF to download application for a child you know.

Application Criteria

On additional pages attached to this application, please address the eight items described below. Your information should be as complete as possible. Reports, letters or opinions from your child’s teachers,therapists, physicians, etc. may be helpful. Please include as much information as possible which offers supporting documentation of need and prior evaluation. Your application will be scored based on inclusion of all of the following criteria.

  1. Use as Assistive Technology • The equipment requested will be used to enhance functional capabilities such as writing, speaking or using print materials. It will not be used only for the purposes practicing specific skills such as spelling or math facts.
  2. Demonstration of Need • The equipment requested will augment the child’s current abilities and enable the child to be more independent.
  3. Team Decision • A team of individuals who know the child have recommended this device. One person from the team has been identified as the person who will provide technical support.
  4. Prior Evaluation • A variety of devices have been evaluated for use. The request clearly describes why the equipment requested is the most useful and most cost efficient.
  5. Trial Period • The equipment requested has been tried with the student and the student has demonstrated the ability to benefit from its use.
  6. Technical Support • There are skilled individuals in the child’s community who are able and willing to provide technical assistance in the use of the equipment when needed by the child or the family.
  7. Predetermined Goals • The family and the local support person have established clear goals for the child’s use of the equipment and can describe the plan for learning to use the equipment and for it’s regular use.
  8. Need • The family has already attempted to acquire the equipment from other sources. (Financial need is not a requirement, but may affect prioritization.)