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Reedsport School District is looking for a Head Custodian full time. Please submit, Letter of interest, Resume, and any references you may have to qualify for this position. Must be able to pass a Drug test and Background check.


JOB DEFINITION: Under the direct supervision of the building administrator, Head Custodian is responsible for managing the cleaning and maintenance of the facility and performs duties as the building custodian. Plans, schedules and completes assigned tasks related to building cleanliness and upkeep.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent, Superintendent designee, Building administrator.

JOB CHARACTERISTICS: Employees in this classification, guide/perform routine custodial and maintenance work directly related to the assigned building(s). Open and frequent communication with building administrator(s) and building staff is essential.


 1.        Operates and maintains boiler and heating system.

 2.        Confers with building administrator regarding care and cleaning programs at the assigned building.

 3.        Prepares work schedules and monitors that work is done in accordance with instructions.

 4.        Receives job requests for services and repairs and assumes responsibility for completion of task.

 5.        Lays out and assigns duties of custodial staff.

 6.        Supervises and performs minor maintenance work on school buildings, using plumb­ing, carpentry and electrical tools.

 7.        Maintains records and makes oral and written reports of work required and of work accomplished.

 8.        Participates as directed in the cleaning and routine maintenance of building and grounds.

9.         Conducts inspections on monthly/quarterly/annual basis as required to meet OSHA requirements.

10.       Provides safety related training to staff members as required.

11.       Regularly cleans and decontaminates equipment and work areas after contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.

12.       Requisitions cleaning supplies and equipment.

13.       Directs visitors and safeguards school property.

14.       Responsible for locking doors and windows (and unlocking doors for organizations), turning out lights and securing the buildings.

17.       Maintains confidentiality of work-related information.


 1.        Reports needed repair work to proper authorities.

 2.        Supervises and participates in maintenance activities when school is not in session.

 3.        Participates in the district’s accident prevention program and follows established health and safety procedures.

 4.        Attends all special or custodial training sessions when requested.

 5.        Fulfills other custodial/maintenance-related duties as assigned by building administrator.


Knowledge of:

 1.        Heating plant system.

 2.        Tools, materials and methods used in unskilled and semi-skilled maintenance tasks.

 3.        Custodial methods for the cleaning and preserving of floors, walls and fixtures.

 4.        Cleaning materials, disinfectants and equipment used in custodial work.

 5.        Landscaping and grounds maintenance.

 6.        Operation and maintenance of H/VAC systems.

Ability to:

 1.        Maintain confidentiality.

 2.        Interpret and apply rules, regulations and policies.

 3.        Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.

 4.        Supervise the work of others, both skilled and semi-skilled.

 5.        Use tools utilized in custodial maintenance.

 6.        Use hand tools in the performance of semi-skilled building maintenance tasks.

 7.        Perform physical labor.

 8.        Maintain harmonious relationships with school personnel, students and general public.

 9.        Use cleaning materials and equipment with skill and efficiency.

 10.      Be flexible.


 1.        Demonstrated competency in general field of cleaning and maintenance.

 2.        Three years experience as custodian preferred.


 1.        High school diploma or equivalency.

 2.        Appropriate training and skills.


 1.        Possess a current valid Oregon driver’s license issued by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles.

 2.        Other appropriate licensing as required.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Work involves moderately heavy tasks. May require exposure to adverse weather conditions, exposure to chemicals and noxious odors, and exposure to noisy work areas. Working with machines can be noisy and some tasks can be dirty and unpleasant. Custodians spend most of their time on their feet, sometimes lifting or pushing heavy furniture or equipment. Many tasks, such as dusting or sweeping, require constant bending, stooping and stretching.

1.   In an eight-hour day employee may:

a. Stand/Walk 6-8 hours

b. Drive 1-2 hours

c. Sit 0-1 hours

 2.  Employee may use hands for repetitive:

a. Single grasping

b. Pushing and pulling

c. Fine manipulation

3.  Employee may need to:

a. Bend frequently

b. Squat frequently

c. Climb stairs or ladders frequently

d. Lift frequently

4. Lifting: Heavy Work — Lifting 75 pounds occasionally, 50 pounds frequently, with occasional sitting and frequent standing/walking.


To Apply Please Contact :

Donna Shaw

District/Board Secretary/Human Resources

Reedsport School District

100 Ranch Rd

Reedsport, Or 97467

541-271-3656 ext 103

541-271-3658 Fax Line