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  • Hacking STEM - Middle school project-based activities from Microsoft and BBC
  • Teach Engineering - Standards aligned engineering lessons and hands-on activities
  • Stem Teaching Tools - Continue mastering NGSS strategies through practice briefs
  • Wayne RESA - NGSS lessons developed by teachers
  • Power My Learning - Online activities, simulations, & learning games
  • Exploratorium - Hands-on short science "snack" activities
  • Spark 101 - Video lessons from science professionals
  • Educade - Empower your classroom with the best games, apps, & maker kits
  • Teachers Try Science - EQUIP Reviewed NGSS lessons
  • Curiosity Machine - Free hands-on science & engineering projects
  • CK12 - Free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards
  • PhET - Free educational simulations in various languages
  • Mystery Science - Open-and-go K-5 lessons that inspire kids to love science
  • GLOBE - Worldwide, hands-on, K-12, Earth Science data collection & lessons
  • Prep Magic - Interactive tools for teachers to create engaging lessons & assessments
  • NASA - Educational resources & learning kits for elementary.
  • Solar 4R Schools - Renewable energy lessons, projects, and opportunities for teachers.
  • National Geographic Society - Brings geography, social studies, and science to life. Teaching resources using real-world examples and rich media.
  • Chemical Education Xchange - Learning resources and forums for discussion and collaboration for chemistry educators.


iPad Apps

  • Google Science Journal - Transforms your device into a pocket-sized science tool
  • EarthViewer - Interactive tool to explore Earth's deep history
  • Project Noah - Best way to share wildlife encounters and help document biodiversity
  • Sound Uncovered - Explore the world of sound with this engaging interactive book
  • Color Uncovered - Explore the world of color with this engaging interactive book
  • Zydeco Inquiry - For science inquiry on-the-go
  • Earth-Now - NASA App to visualize recent global climate data
  • Freddy the Frogcaster's Weather Station - A fun weather app for kids
  • Gravity - Gravitation simulator
  • DIY Nano - Experience and learn about nanoscale science
  • Outland - Create an atmosphere of space journey with satellite imagery
  • MyTech - Turns Smartphones into Vernier hardware. Use your phone as an accelerometer & gyroscope to collect data.