Quality science education is based on standards that are rich in content and practice, with aligned curricula, pedagogy, assessment, and teacher preparation and development.

Most science standards date back nearly twenty years, which means they have not kept up with the major advances in science and our understanding of how students learn.

The time is right to advance toward Next Generation Science Standards.

Clipart: Test Tube


Elementary Science Supports (External Links)

Spark101 - Videos to engage students in solving real work challenges faced by STEM professionals.

Curiosity Machine - Engineering challenges & lesson plans for the classroom.

PowerMyLearning - Database of educational games & activities for kids.

NASA - Educational resources & learning kits for elementary.

From the Walking Classroom: The Lending Library is intended to supplement a class set; it contains two WalkKits and discussion questions that support the podcasts. If a teacher uses a Lending Library, she doesn't need to send home her classroom materials and worry that they might not come back.