Regional Educator Network

The Educator Advancement Council helps Oregon achieve high-quality, well-supported and culturally responsive public educators in every classroom.

As a part of its work to expand on Oregon's current efforts to further support educators statewide, EAC is distributing funds in fall 2019 to fund Regional Educator Networks (RENs) across the state.

Want to be the change in public education in Douglas County?

We are searching for committed K-12 educators who want to become the voice of our student demographics, and strongly believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

By becoming a Coordinating body member for the Regional Educator Network, you will search and identify professional development for the 13 school districts in the Douglas ESD region.

All we ask from you is commitment up to two years!

We are searching for:

  • Wide-ranging levels of experienced teachers.
  • Variety of subject or content areas.
  • Variety of grade-levels.

Click here to apply. Applications for the REN Coordinating Body close Oct. 24. 


Douglas REN Interim Technical Assistance RFP

Jan. 16, 2020 - Douglas County Regional Educator Network is seeking Interim Technical Assistance from January 2020-June 2020 which may include but is not limited to providing assistance in the following areas:

•    Developing continuous system improvement processes and tools;
•    Developing authentic and culturally responsive engagement of teachers, member organizations, higher education, tribes, community organizations, and other partners;
•    Alignment with early learning initiatives, ensuring teacher voice drives systems changes;
•    Developing the REN plan by identifying and examining/clarifying problems of practice ;
•    Developing REN plan with intended outcomes and indicators of effectiveness;
•    Initiating REN plan and iterations to support the plan
•    Evaluating effectiveness, reporting continuous improvement efforts, analyzing work completed and remaining needs, and providing both quantitative and qualitative results.
•    Traveling to Roseburg, Oregon on the following dates: February 20-21, 2020 and March 13, 2020 to support coordinating body in implementation work.
•    Offering ongoing digital support for coordinating body members and committees as determined by REN coordinator and Interim Technical Assistance provider.

In selecting a contractor(s) for this purpose, Grantee shall emphasize the following attributes:

•    Demonstrated experience with Oregon Equity Lens-driven policies and practices, including engagement of community stakeholder groups;
•    Proven experience in leading collaborative systems change projects focused on educator effectiveness;
•    Knowledge and experience of continuous improvement processes;
•    Willingness to collaborate with other Sponsoring Organizations’ technical assistance contractors; and
•    Willingness to collaborate with REN staff and coordinating body.

Grantee shall ensure any contractor(s) selected to provide this assistance incorporates and adopts the principles of the Oregon Equity Lens. Oregon’s Equity Lens clearly articulates the shared goals of our state and guides the use of intentional investments needed to reach the goals of an equitable educational system. Grantee shall further ensure contractor(s) applies particular focus on race and ethnicity to create clear accountability structures ensuring active progress is realized and course corrections made as needed.

Grantee shall ensure any contractor(s) working on the Project documents their engagement in a manner that allows the REN and other technical assistance contractors to pick up and build from any work completed.

To apply:
Please submit your proposal to no later than January 31, 2020.  All proposals will be considered.  Every submitter will be notified of the respective decisions.   

For questions, please contact: Debbie Price at