Blogging, Wiki & Website Building, Social Media

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Digital literacy is a key part in 21st century education. Help students with literacy while using a digital tool at the same time. Students can have their own online learning log (blog) or create their own website or wiki. Example: When learning about the solar system, a class wiki can be created where paired students create their own part of a whole. Each pair can add text, photo, audio, and video content about a planet to the class wiki while being able to access their peers’ planets and info. Social media in the classroom is a way to get students to collaborate and get away from the textbook. There are many educators out there looking to connect their class with others all over the world for authentic learning experiences. For example, Skype can be used to make free video calls through the internet to a classroom in China to discuss an earthquake they just had.


  • Wikispaces - Crowdsourcing at its finest. Like Wikipedia, Wikispaces is very helpful
  • WordPress - Content publishing system. It’s gone way beyond just blogging.
  • Weebly - Create your own website or blog, very easy to use
  • Edublogs - The largest education blogging platform on the web
  • Skype - Make video calls through the internet
  • Twitter - The micro blogging service that many love or hate.
  • Fakebook - Create imaginary Facebook profiles
  • Twister - Fake tweet generator

iPad Apps

  • Seesaw - Student driven digital portfolios
  • Weebly - Create your own website or blog, very easy to use