Kindergarten Readiness Program Highlights

2015 - 16 Douglas, Klamath and Lake County Kindergarten Readiness

North Douglas Community Health Assessment:

In a collaborative effort between Portland State University, Children’s Institute, Yoncalla, North Douglas and Elkton School Districts – a kick off of the North Douglas Community Health and Needs Assessment (CHNA) was held. This was an amazin g opportunity for community partners, local agencies and families to explore the role of health in our community, particularly for young children, prenatally through age 8, and identify concerns.  Leaders from all three school districts, opened the event by reminding the audience of the strong commitment the North Douglas region has to its youngest citizens and the importance of looking closely at health and healthcare access as it relates to student success in later years. 

The (CHA) had over 60 participants with representation from Douglas County Public Health Network, Community Health Alliance, Family Relief Nursery, The South Central Early Learning Hub, UCAN, Head Start/Early Head Start, WIC and a variety of other organizations. Families and interested community members also attended. The overriding messages was that families had a lack of access to many integral services, including medical, dental, mental health and support services. Participants were asked to engage in future meetings by forming a steering committee. This committee will continue to review health and well-being data for the region to gain a deep understanding or the unique health factors that impact school readiness and family wellbeing in a rural context, as well as identify ways to use this information locally to inform decisions.

"Play Groups" are a Success!

Image: Kinder Student and TeacherFrom July 2 through August 20, 2015 "Play to Learn" groups were offered to families from the Drain, Elkton and Yoncalla School Districts.  Sixteen parents and 35 children participated in kindergarten readiness skill building groups.  The "Play to Learn" sessions included self-regulation, language development, math and social skill building.

Parents and older siblings helped children complete the projects, lunches were served and families were bussed to the swimming pool for fun time.

At the end of each session children were able to choose a book along with a book bag to carry home their goodies.  As the sessions progressed, it was fantastic to see parents more actively participating.  Also, the Mid-Columbia Bus Service Company donated transportation services.

Roseburg School District P3 Leadership Team

The Roseburg School District P3 Leadership Team (P3 Team) meets quarterly at the Image: P3 Leadership TeamRoseburg School District boardroom.  To date, they  have met 3 times.  Recently, Roseburg School District staff visited Earl Boyles Elementary and the Gladstone Family Learning Center, gathered information was shared with the P3 team.  The P3 team is looking at preschool models that will suit Roseburg School District.  Also, at the last meeting Diane Hoffine discussed STEAM activities presented at Sunnyslope Elementary to engage families with their children.  In addition, a local parent talked about how the school reached out to her family and how positively it impacted their path moving forward. 




Chart: Ready for Kinder