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The South-Central Early Learning Hub began in February 2014. Its purpose is to develop a coordinated, effective system of early learning services that equip young children with needed skills for success in school and in life. Working closely with community based partnership, the Hub is creating a collective impact model that focuses on shared goals, strategies and outcomes and recognizes the importance of how partners, working together, promote stable and attached families.

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The vision for early learning services embraces families, early childhood professionals, schools, business and faith leaders, healthcare providers, and others working in partnership to:

  1. Assure services and supports are readily accessible;

  2. Employ evidence-based/promising practices and innovative approaches that lead to improved outcomes for young children and their families;

  3. Address the cultural and linguistic needs of at-risk and traditionally underserved young children and their families; and

  4. Collect data for community analysis, which will ultimately lead to better accountability for early learning and family support services.

The South-Central Oregon Early Learning Hub is a program of the Douglas ESD. Douglas ESD works with its partners to coordinate services in the geographic region of Douglas, Klamath, and Lake counties.

Three county region within state of the early learning hub

The Hub is working closely with core service providers in Douglas, Klamath, and Lake County. Providers include coordinated care organizations, private physicians, health alliances, county public health agencies, Department of Human Services, K-12 school administrators, county ESDs, relief nurseries, early learning providers, child care resource and referral programs, county housing programs, community actions programs, local community colleges, county mental health programs, parenting hubs, local Boys and Girls Clubs, counseling centers, YMCAs, alcohol and drug prevention, county commissioners and faith based groups. For more specific information about partnerships, please see our Hub’s application narrative. (PDF)

For more information about the South-Central Oregon Early Learning Hub or early learning activities contact:

Gillian Wesenberg

Vanessa Pingleton
Regional Home Visiting Systems Coordinator

Danielle Walker
Family Resource Facilitator, Klamath