Early Intervention Council

The Early Intervention Council (PDF) is comprised of parents and professionals in the community who are dedicated to the children in Douglas County with special needs. Meetings are held at the Douglas ESD office on the second Monday of each month (September - May) beginning at 12:00pm. Parents are invited to attend and participate in the council at any time

Funds are available through the council for families for training opportunities related to their child's special needs.  Any family with a child in the EI/ECSE program, who is currently eligible and receiving services, may apply for family training funds.

If you are interested in more information regarding the Early Intervention Council or how to apply for funds, please contact the Early Intervention Office at (541) 440-4794.

Lending Library

The Early Intervention program has a lending library available to parents and professionals. It contains books and videos regarding early intervention/early childhood special education topics. The lending library can be accessed at the EI/ECSE office.