Online parenting classes reach rural families

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A new digital resource is available for families looking for ideas and tools on effective parenting. Adults can now log in from a home computer, smart phone or tablet and enhance parenting skills at no charge.

Take Root, the regional parenting education hub serving Douglas, Klamath and Lake counties, is offering digitally-based parenting classes to help serve families whose schedules make it difficult to attend evening classes. The online classes are also more convenient for residents who live in rural areas.

Through a collaboration with CHI Mercy Health, which is providing some funding for parenting education, Take Root will be able to offer online access to Parenting Wisely classes for about a dozen families in Douglas County.

The Young Child edition of Parenting Wisely is geared toward parents of children 3-11. It coaches parents on skills such as redirection, active listening, fostering social skills and setting limits and consequences. These can be applied to behaviors such as interrupting on the telephone, refusing to go to bed, acting up in public, bad grades and conflict with siblings and other children.  

Parenting Wisely’s Teen edition is for parents with children 11 and older and focuses on communicating with teenagers on schoolwork, conflicts, curfew, chores and other topics.

CHI Mercy Health is providing funding to support the purchase of six Teen editions for Douglas County. Take Root will also make 25 editions of the Young Child editions available throughout the three-county region. As part of a pilot program, participating families will be asked to evaluate the online classes upon completion.

Access to online classes is available for six months. They are set up to allow parents to view the training when it works best for their schedules, and to retake sessions if they wish. Certification awards are available upon completion.

People interested in obtaining vouchers to access the free program need to contact the Take Root program by calling 541-492-6604.

Take Root, which provides in-person parenting classes in Douglas, Klamath and Lake counties, is part of the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative and has been serving Douglas County for more than 10 years. Learn more about Take Root at