Biz4Kids announces official launch

A family walks outside

Nov. 13, 2019 – Business Champions for Kids (Biz4Kids) is excited to announce the official launch of its program intended to encourage businesses to adopt family-friendly practices in an effort to support early childhood development.

Biz4Kids has spent the past year and a half working with pilot companies to develop the new program and prepare for its launch throughout Douglas County. The pilot companies, including i.e. Engineering, The Ford Family Foundation, Umpqua Dairy and Douglas Education Service District, have been planning and implementing enhanced family-friendly policies, practices and activities.

“These employers have already derived meaningful, value-added information about their workplaces through their participation in this program,” said Julie Hurley, Biz4Kids program coordinator. “And through their hard work and dedication, these companies have paved the way for more businesses and organizations to take the leap with our program.”

Biz4Kids seeks to raise awareness among the business community that an investment in early childhood has a high return, including lower incarceration rates, increased productivity and a healthier workforce. By supporting employees with children, particularly ages birth to 5, employers can make a lasting difference in their communities.

Examples of family-friendly policies and activities include flexible work schedules; supportive leadership; childcare support; and access to early learning resources.

The Biz4Kids program allows employers to choose from a series of participation levels appropriate for a wide variety of business types and organizations. The three levels include: Certified Family Friendly Organizations; Early Childhood Advocates; and Business Partners.

Certified Family Friendly Organizations involve the most extensive participation and potential benefits to both businesses and families alike. Companies that undertake this process commit to enhance family-friendly policies, benefits and activities for their employees while undergoing a series of steps to evaluate, analyze and mark their progress.

Early Childhood Advocates may invest in early childhood development programs in Douglas County through donations of time, money and/or other resources. This could be as simple as marketing upcoming early childhood activities, providing conference space for an event, and organizing employees to volunteer at a preschool, or even financially sponsoring a parenting group series or workshop.

Finally, Business Partners will have the opportunity to participate by showing their support for Certified Family Friendly Organizations. This support may come in the form of discounts or goods and services for certified organizations and their employees.

With participation comes a variety of benefits, such as marketing collateral; resources and support; networking opportunities; research data; and consultations.

For more information about Biz4Kids, including how to sign up, visit