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Speech and Language Therapy Program

Speech and language skills are essential to academic success and learning.  Language is the basis of communication.  Reading, writing, gesturing, listening, and speaking are all forms of language. Learning takes place through the process of communication.  The ability to communicate with peers and adults in the educational setting is essential for a student to succeed in school. 

There are several types of communication disorders that affect school-age children.  These include:     

Complex Needs Classroom

Playing with Purpose

Julia Applebaum is sure her classroom has more fun than any other the district. Sing-alongs, zombie growls and disco globes aren’t merely interludes or breaks from curriculum. For her five students, they are the lesson.

“My son used to come and hang out (in my class) and he said to me, ‘Mom, you just play all day.’ And I said ‘Yes, but did you realize that when I was doing this, the kids were working on that? There’s a reason for the things we’re doing,’” Julia said.

Juvenile Department Education Program

Douglas ESD contracts with Oregon Department of Education to provide the Juvenile Detention Education Program. The mission of this program is to: provide a high quality education to students detained in Oregon County Juvenile Detention Centers. Education is provided by a licensed teacher who supports students who are detained.  In doing this we value:

Behavior Systems and Intervention Specialists

Our Behavior Systems Specialist is available to all districts. This service assists with professional Development around the district’s behavior support system.  Training for teachers, instructional assistants and at times lunchroom staff can help a district implement a positive behavior system throughout the district. Our Behavior Systems Specialist also provides a link with Community Health Alliance (CHA-Mental Health). This provides school districts with a needed linkage to mental health system and programs to support students that may be external to the district.

Special Education Evaluation Consultation and Support (SEECS)

Support from a Licensed School Psychologist, expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Traumatic Brain Injury are all part of the supports available to school districts through the SEECS program. This contracted service helps districts to assure evaluations and re-evaluations for Special Education are conducted by people who are highly trained to assess children with any special education eligibility. Knowledgeable in differential diagnosis, School psychologists are able to help districts assess students with accurate eligibilities.

Autism (available to all districts)

The Douglas Educational School District works closely with the Southern Oregon Regional Autism Team and the Oregon Autism Commission to ensure we are providing training and coaching to all staff that follows best practices for children with autism. In this way we are helping to develop professionals who are qualified to meet the needs of our students. Our staff includes members whom serve on the Autism Commission, and several Commission Workgroups, giving the Douglas ESD a voice in state and local autism educational policy and practice.

Special Education Administration Support

Douglas ESD offers Special Education Administration Support to school districts through a team of special education administrators and consultation services. These contracted specialists provide districts with up-to-date support on the special education process, district reporting for special education and special education compliance. Special education administrators are fully licensed administrators with expertise in special education.  Our administrators help ensure district compliance and offer state-of-the-art guidance for special education practices within each district.

SPED Workshop - Developing IEP's Using Standards Based Goals

Event Date: 
Fri., Dec. 12, 2014
Event Time: 
1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

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