ELH helps launch brain-building site

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Want to be the Frank Lloyd Wright for your child’s brain? Visit www.brainbuildingoregon.com to see how you can influence brain architecture for young minds in your care.

The new website is being launched by the Early Learning Division, with the Oregon Department of Education. We know that the first five years of life show the most significant rate of growth for the human brain. During those years, the groundwork is laid for skills in literacy, language, math and much more.

This site features a dozen resources (Vroom and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry are just a couple) that are meant to serve as helpful examples for parents and caregivers who are supporting their children and getting them ready for kindergarten. The site also aims to benefit early learning educators seeking to add brain science to their work.

Perhaps best of all, brain building is something any parent, caregiver or teacher can easily work into their everyday lives. And it makes a world of difference to the children taking in those crucial lessons.

Start your brain building today!  

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