Douglas ESD water samples pass muster

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Douglas Education Service District employees in Douglas and Jackson counties recently were notified of the results of testing of water samples taken at their workplaces. Results were encouraging, as reported by Jack Musser, Douglas ESD's director of facilities and special projects. Here's what he had to say, followed by an invitation to contact him with further questions at, or 541-440-4765: 


I am sure that most of you have heard about the issue of lead in drinking water.  As an outcome of this media explosion, most school districts, educational service districts and charter schools have been diligently involved in testing water in schools and offices.  Interestingly enough, this is not a requirement by law but a recommendation by the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority.  In an effort to make sure our staff, students and patrons are safe and healthy, Douglas ESD chose to do the testing.

The water samples were gathered and Umpqua Research Lab completed the analysis.  The results are as follows:

  • Jackson County (White City, Stewart Ave., Phoenix and Jefferson) – all water samples came back at these sites as “lead not detected in the water”.
  • Roseburg – of the 22 samples tested, all but one of the water sources were either “no detection of lead” or “slight detection”.  The second floor restroom faucet at the Roseburg main office revealed a result higher than the safe level.  Since this sample tested above the safe level, a second test sample was taken to verify the reliability of the first sample.  The result of the second sample revealed a safe level.  Typically, users don’t drink this water, but as a precaution, a sign will be posted to not drink water from this faucet.  In addition, we will be replacing this particular faucet equipment.   Safe/unsafe lead levels are prescribed by the U.S. EPA.


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