Feb. 12 food donation reaches 125 pounds

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The color green broadcasts lots of positives --- spring, fresh beginnings, grassy pastures and your turn to proceed at the traffic light. Bright green also represents groceries for local families who can use a hand, because it’s the color of the canvas bags we at Douglas ESD help fill for the Roseburg Food Project.

Douglas ESD Systems Integrator Terry Christenson delivered eight full bags totaling 125 pounds of food on Feb. 12 to the Fish Food Pantry of Roseburg, which organizes the Roseburg Food Project. The bags were filled with edible donations by Douglas ESD staff. The contents will be distributed by the pantry, which serves an average of 1,050 Douglas County households per month. That represents more than 4,200 people, nearly a third of whom are children.

Douglas ESD has been a Neighborhood Donation Site for nearly two years. Our average donations run between 120 to 158 pounds, anywhere between five and 12 bags. The next pickup at Douglas ESD will be on April 8, so see Terry or email her at terry.christenson@douglasesd.k12.or.us if you’d like a bag to fill between now and then. If you’d like to know more about the Roseburg Food Project, click here. The site includes a list of nonperishable foods most needed by area households.  

Many thanks to all who donated. Perhaps we can double the amount for the next contribution!

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