County schools closing gap for low-income students

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DOUGLAS COUNTY -- Our schools are helping more Douglas County students complete high school, according to recent data released by the Oregon Department of Education on graduation rates for the Class of 2014.

Seven of the school districts in the Douglas ESD region graduated students at a higher rate than the state average (72 percent).

Additionally, districts are closing the graduation gap for students from low-income families. For three of our districts, these students graduated at a higher rate than the overall population in their districts. And for eight of the 13 districts within the Douglas ESD region there is less than a 5 percent graduation rate difference between the economically disadvantaged and general student populations.

Another statistic worth touting is that three districts graduated 100 percent of their special education students.

“I’m really encouraged by the fact that we have eight districts exceeding the state average,” said Analicia Nicholson, director of instructional services at the Douglas ESD. “Douglas County schools are demonstrating effectiveness in getting students to graduate. It’s proof positive that the good things we see in classrooms and schools every day do make a difference and translate to kids graduating.”

State, region and district data can be looked at more in depth HERE.

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